joyce loveless personal yoga teacher + wellness coach

"Joyce is my oasis!" Joyce discovered yoga at age 50, when as a wife, mother of teenagers, full-time professional, and a marathon runner as a way to deal with her stress and busyness. Thinking she was just getting a good stretch and maybe some quiet time, she soon discovered that yoga allowed her not only a better pace time but more clarity and patience in her day-to-day. Through breathwork, movement and meditation Joyce found more presence and gratitude in her life. It is these subtler qualities of yoga that Joyce brings to her students offering them a chance to use the practice to reconnect to their bodies and see the beauty in their life.

Joyce specializes in supporting her students to build their "emotional fitness" to face their life situations, both positive and negative. Her students benefit from a tailored practice that meets them where they are, how to connect to their breath, and find stillness through meditation. She focuses on the fundamental postures, helping her students find alignment in their bodies-- and in their life. Joyce is known for her compassion and grace, honoring her students where they are and challenging them to go further. Through practice with Joyce students see the connections to yoga off the mat and how to see their own lives with grace and gratitude.

Joyce started teaching in 2018. She has offered classes in corporate and private settings, through the City of Raleigh and Camp Gladiator, and served as a yoga teacher trainer for Wisemind Yoga. Her work has been featured in Medium and WRAL. Her academic background is in education for elementary students and adults. She received her Bachelor's degree from Va Tech and her graduate degree from NC State University. Her professional experiences include classroom teacher, nonprofit director, and consultant for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She is a certified coach through the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC.

Her training includes:

200 hour training at Wisemind Yoga with Jennie Wise

200 hour training with Gratitude Hot Yoga Center with Roman Szpond

Beginners Yoga training at Blue Lotus with Kathleen Yount

Children's Yoga with Andrea Sewitsky

Reiki Level 1 at Wisemind Yoga

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phone: 703-298-5204