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Reignite 2021!

Reignite 2021! is a twelve-week transformative group coaching program for driven, ambitious women ready to ditch their midlife funk so they can reclaim their wellness. Reignite 2021! will focus on key lifestyle practices and healthy habit strategies using my 3 point Reset Blueprint that will reconnect you with your inner self and build a wellness plan you can sustain.

Is this you?

  • You are ready to stop spinning your wheels and make your health and wellness a priority
  • You want to build a sustainable, healthy relationship with food without diets, shakes or pills
  • You want to address the emotional barriers that prevent you from obtaining the healthy lifestyle you desire
  • You want a holistic, personalized experience
  • You want expert guidance through the conflicting information and confusion
  • You are ready to invest in your health and your personal growth
  • You are tired of playing small
  • You are seeking accountability within a community of women

Ready to Start?

If you would like to learn more about what it could be like to work together, follow these steps to schedule a complimentary consultation.

After I hear what’s going on with you, I can let you know if Reignite 2020! Is a good fit for you.

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Curb Your Cravings 5 Day Challenge

This challenge is for you if:

  • You are a self-described emotional, stress, or night eater.

  • You find yourself mindlessly snacking at your desk or winding down to a glass of red wine and chocolate.

  • You are ready to overcome your cravings for sweets, chocolates or salty chips once and for all.

Eating excess sugar and carbs not only makes you hungrier and crave more, but it makes it impossible for your body to get into a fat-burning mode. The good news is that cravings are a habitual learned behavior and all habits can be broken. For five days, you will learn how to override your craving habits using my proven tools and strategies.

Starts January 31st-February 4th

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