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By Joy + Love| Joyce Loveless

FRI JUL 24, 2020

My Fitbit died this weekend. It was starting to give me problems so the fact that it was dead was not a surprise. For the last 5 days, I’ve walked through this life not knowing my heart rate, calories burned, steps took and steps needing to take.

And it is so freeing!

Maybe it’s the pandemic or the racial unrest, but I’m asking myself why a lot. How are things I do serve me? Do they serve me? Do they fit at the moment?

My Fitbit at one point was important to me and now that it’s gone, I realized it really was a source of stress and grief. It was supposed to support me as I trained for a half-marathon, but it was also a reminder that that race is not going to happen. Not this year. My goals for 2020 are busted, but the intentions I have for this year remain.

What is the difference between a goal and intention?

❤️A goal is future-focused.

❤️An intention is in the here and now.

My goal was to run a half marathon.

My intention is to build consistency in movement.

Goals shift, they are externally focused and we can’t control what’s outside of us. Sometimes they can be overbearing and unwittingly a source of stress and struggle. Intentions are how we will respond to the situation in front of us. We decide our intentions. We have agency.

We start our time on the mat with an INTENTION for our practice.

Not with a goal to twist up like a pretzel.

Our intention is what we decide to feel, release, or try and allow our movement to embody that.