Love yourself. Nourish your body. Challenge limiting beliefs.

About Joy + Love Yoga

Hi, Friends!

In a world that celebrates exhaustion and busy-ness, taking some much needed time to tend to your self-care is both necessary and an act of resistance. At Joy + Love Yoga, we celebrate intentional rest, mindfulness and embodied movement as a path to heal, evolve and revive.

The offerings at Joy + Love Yoga are all about stepping into the best version of your mind, body and spirit with a sense of grace and vitality. We are pleased to create space to restore physically and spiritually through yoga practice and self-care coaching.

What My Students Say

"Joyce is a wonderful and compassionate teacher. She is authentic, loving, and kind. I highly recommend her classes"

" Joyce is an amazing yoga teacher. She creates thoughtful and beautiful sequences but also reads the room and can adapt to whatever her students need."

"Working with Joyce has had a profound effect on me. I look forward to our 1:1 sessions. She is my lifesaver"

"Her class is my oasis"