It’s my mission to show women that even in their Second Act, their desires are attainable. It’s all about believing you are capable, beautiful, and worthy of it all. Just by being your authentic self, you are enough.

You're a successful, capable woman. You’re juggling a lot.

You’ve got a job that is more than full time. You know the importance of your own physical, mental, and emotional health, but for some reason you still find yourself always putting your own well-being last.

You’ve tried to do it yourself and piece together different fitness plans and workout programs,you’ve tried joining gyms, you’ve scrolled through endless YouTube videos, and you’ve tried every mindfulness app there is.

But it takes a ton of energy, and you still feel overwhelmed and exhausted.And as soon as life gets busy and stressful, your needs get pushed to the backburner.

That little voice in your head starts whispering that you’re not good enough, why even try.

But today is different.

Finally you’re willing to make a commitment to yourself and embark on a journey to change your life for the better.

You’re ready to step up and become a better, healthier, more courageous and confident YOU. You’re ready to go ALL IN and DO THE WORK and step into your purpose and passion.

You’re ready to step into your Second Act and Ignite Your Life.

Welcome! If you are seeking tools to find balance, health, and happiness and to become the healthiest version of yourself, guidance support and accountability can be found here.

I work via a holistic approach with an emphasis on:

  • Yoga (including developing a physical practice, meditation, and breathing exercises);
  • Eating nutritious, whole foods and moving towards a largely plant-based diet;
  • Mindset shifts and clearing of old patterns to see the abundance all around;
  • Taking action through small, sustainable steps that build up;
  • And techniques of self-care.

Client Joy; Client Love:

Prior to working with Joyce, I was so disappointed with myself in the way I had been eating, the weight I had gained and just not feeling good physically.

I tried to make changes on my own but things I did in the past no longer worked. Then I joined the group and what a game-changer. The group was awesome in sharing & encouraging each other

Joyce does an excellent job providing you with the tools to be successful.

Thanks for everything! I am so excited about my new health journey. Oh and I lost 17 pounds…woohoo! --S.B.

I realize that it takes time to turn bad habits into good, but this morning I woke up more alert and put on meditation music instead of the news. It really helped get on track and more focused on my priorities. I love being around loving, empowering and motivating people!- G.O

My journey is much like every other one you have likely heard or read. Diet, lose weight, workout, stop for whatever reason, gain back the weight, repeat. I have always had periods in my life where I have taken fitness very seriously and made it a priority. However, nothing had ever really stuck . . . until now. The accountability and checking-in portion of the group is what does it for me! I need some external accountability in forming and maintaining my habits. This group has given me that and so much more. — T.G.

Joyce is my oasis! --SC