go ahead and exhale.

You want to add yoga into your already busy day, but trying to squeeze in a class or rushing to a crowded, group class across town is creating more stress, not taking it away.

We make it easy and safe by bringing the yoga to you.

Your personalized, convenient private yoga program takes place in your North Raleigh/Wake Forest home, with a weekly appointment at the perfect time for you. With the onset of the pandemic, our vaccinated teachers provide a safer environment than a group setting.

Joy + Love Wellness was founded in 2019. Realizing the need for quality in-home yoga lessons amongst Raleigh's busy professionals, we shifted focus from group classes and began specializing in private sessions with individuals, couples, and small groups.

Over the years we have worked with busy professionals: doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, financial consultants, writers, scientists, nonprofit leaders, psychotherapists, and so many more wonderful clients. We are pleased to create a space for them to restore physically and spiritually through yoga practice in their homes and return to their jobs, families, and personal lives feeling grounded, focused, and clear.

Let’s get started.